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Brandon Valvo

Brandon Valvo is the founder of Valvo & Associates, Inc. He serves as the firm’s Managing Director and lead counsel. Since commencing his legal career in 1989, Mr. Valvo has been devoted solely to the practice of U.S. immigration and nationality law. Mr. Valvo works closely with various governmental entities on U.S. immigration issues.

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U.S. Officials Urging Japanese Visa-Renewal Applicants to Do So By Mail

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, US Consulates throughout Japan have modified their visa renewal procedures by offering and encouraging visa renewal applicants to renew their visas by mail. The move was […]

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Understanding the 60-Day Grace Period for Certain Nonimmigrant Visa Holders

The journey to securing a visa to come into the U.S. and starting a new life here is undoubtedly arduous. It’s a long road and feels like a huge relief once it’s […]

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EAD Cards for E & L Spouses Update

Some great news to share as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) keeps its promise to spouses of E, L-1A, and L-1B visa holders. We previously told you about upcoming […]

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